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www.oshpd.ca.gov, PCGR IPP CDM CDM 25 Most Common Procedures Hospital Name: Antelope Valley Hospital OSHPD Facility No: 106190034 OSHPD Facility No: 103190034 In response to requests from hospitals and the public, OSHPD has developed this form to assist hospitals in collecting and submitting the average charge for 25 common outpatient procedures performed by hospitals, as required by AB 1045 (Chapter 532

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Dressing, Cast, Splint, Strapping. Dressings. Dressing change (for other than burns) under anesthesia (other than local) (15852) · Initial treatment, first degree burn, when no more than local treatment is required (16000) · Dressings and/or debridement, initial or subsequent; without anesthesia, office or hospital, small .

Correctly coding casts, splints, and strapping can be confusing. Much of the confusion is related to what type of materials are classified as casts, splints, or strapping; whether the CPT application codes or the HCPCS level II codes should be assigned; and whether the work performed is included in E/M codes. This article .

25 Feb 2015 I have a question, Can i charge procedure for my docs for a splinting if the splint was a prefab splint? Thnaks for your help. Medical Coding Books Posterior Long leg splint. Plaster Splint OCL (Plaster) Splint Ortho glass (Fiberglass) Splint Double Sugar Tong Splint Long Double Sugar Tong Splint.

MEDICAID CODING GUIDELINE. Effective: 7-1-02. RETIRED: 11-1-2013. CASTS, SPLINTS, AND STRAPPING. CPT CODES: 29000-29085 & 29305-29450. Casts. 29105-29131 & 29505-29515. Splints. 29200-29280 & 29520-29590. Strapping. 29700-29799. Miscellaneous. INDICATIONS FOR USE: When a surgical .

31 Jan 2017 This is considered to be definitive care and the rules for billing are a little different. You can still bill for the splint supplies. In lieu of billing the splint application code, you would bill CPT code 24650, “Closed treatment of radial head or neck fracture; without manipulation” if no manipulation was required, .

31 Dec 2001 Code. Code definition. Q4001. Cast supplies, body cast adult, with or without head, plaster. Q4002. Cast supplies, body cast adult, with or without head, fiberglass. Q4003. Cast supplies, application of Cast supplies, long arm splint, adult (11 years), fiberglass. Q4019. Cast supplies, long arm splint, .

HCPCS Procedure & Supply, and DME medical codes q4 code groups. Used for documenting medical procedures performed and supplies used, including Durable Medical Equipment (DME)..

1 Nov 2017 Splints are generally applied to decrease movement to provide support and comfort through stabilization of an injury. In the emergency department (ED), splints are primarily used to stabilize nonemergent injuries to bones until the patient can be evaluated by a consultant such as an orthopedic surgeon, .

third-party payers for specific information on their coding, coverage, and payment policies. This document includes codes that might be used to bill for BSN Medical Table of Contents. PRODUCT. PAGE. Synthetic Splinting. ORTHO-GLASS® Comfort. 7. ORTHO-GLASS® Splinting System. 8. SafetySplint™ Unpadded Roll..

General Splinting Procedure. Stockinette is applied; Webril is applied; The wet plaster is positioned; Elastic bandage is applied; The plaster is molded. General Splinting Procedure. Measure and prepare the plaster; Apply the stockinette so that it extends 2 or 3 inches beyond the plaster; Apply 2 or 3 layers of Webril over the .

KEY POINTS: Foot positioned 90° at the ankle & no rough edges or wrinkles! 2. POSITION patient in position of comfort with lower extremity elevated and supported with a pillow. 3. FIRST LAYER Stockinette to protect the skin. Start at the lower edge of the patella to approximately 4 inches past the toes. 4. Brace the patient's .

Ortho-Glass® is the most cost-effective splinting system of choice for every phase of immobilization. Features Interlocking Performance Technology (ILP). ILP eliminates the risk ofdelamination, ensuring a strong, durable splint. SPECIFICATIONS. HPIS Code, 550_10_110_0, 550_10_60_10. Latex Free, Yes, No. Length Feet .

Providers should contact insurers to verify correct coding procedures prior to submitting claims related to any product or service. BSN medical Inc.. ORTHO-GLASS®. Fast, easy and secure splinting system for busy clinics. ACUTE. REHABILITATION. PREVENTION. ACTIMOVE®. MANUS FORTE PLUS. Functional wrist .