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CODING BUNIONECTOMY - American Health Information, CODING BUNIONECTOMY. By Alka Kapoor, CCS, CPC. Bunionectomy is a surgical procedure to excise a bunion. After reading this article you should be able to understand

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Bunion Procedures with Surgery of the Lesser Toes, Cyst vs. Tumor Excision Integumentary System or Musculoskeletal System Coding • 11403 - $122.48 (Excision benign lesion 2.1 to 3cm) • 11603 - $175.09 (Excision

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Get to Know the Procedures It is important to know the type of procedure performed and to verify its components before selecting a bunionectomy CPT code. Some common bunion procedures include the Austin, Reverse Austin, Mitchell, Chevron, Kalish, Youngswick, Reverdin, Reverdin-Green and Hohmann procedures, .

Youngswick Modification Of The Austin. Osteotomy For Hallux Limitus. Jeffrey S, Boberg, DPM. Hallux limitus and rigidus are defined by progres- sive degrees of loss of first metatarsophalangeal joint range of motion. The etiology has been well-described as being multifactorial. Painful degenerative arthritis in the elderly is .

16 Oct 2007 Some other common bunion procedures includes the Austin, Reverse Austin, Mitchell, Chevron, Kalish, Youngswick, Reverdin, Reverdin-Green and Hohmann procedures, all of which are coded with CPT code 28296. This involves a metatarsal osteotomy performed with or without a Sesamoidectomy..

1 Feb 2010 These corrections generally occur at the joint level and work at the joint is considered part of the overall bunionectomy procedure. Keep in mind that the commonly billed tendon transfer code CPT 27690 is listed in the leg portion of the CPT book and not the foot section. Hence one should not use this code .

11 Mar 2013 Confusing eponym procedures, coupled with the vast array of bunion repair techniques, makes bunion surgery coding difficult even for seasoned orthopedic coders. The CPT® codebook arranges bunion correction codes (28290-28299) in a family. Only the parent code (28290) is printed in its entirety..

25 Jan 2010 First, is to resort to CPT 28899 which is an unlisted procedure code. My issue with this code, is that according to my encoder, ASCs are not allowed to bill for these services. Second, is to use code 28293. My problem with this one is within the code description is states "Hallux Valgus (Bunion). The condition .

31 Dec 2016 CPT® 2017 revised the official descriptor for 28292, which describes the correction of a bunion, to identify that the service is reported for a bunion correction including removal of a sesamoid bone or a resection of proximal phalanx base, when necessary. The removal of the sesamoid bone or removal of part .

Bunionectomy Coding for 2017. The bunionectomy family of codes typically begin, “Correction, hallux valgus (bunion)”. One of the prob- lems with this is that some profession- al coders reviewing claims look for. “hallux valgus correction” to match the CPT description while many foot and ankle specialists use the term..

Advanced Bunion Surgery Foot and Ankle Doctor. Dr. Radovic specializes in Bunions, Bunion Surgery, Plantar Fasciitis, Hallux Valgus, Heel Pain and all foot problems..

Austin & Youngswick bunionectomy with Biopro implant. Screw fixation, left foot..

1.Right Austin bunionectomy. 2.PIPJ fusion, right second toe. 3.Debridement of second MTPJ with cheilectomy and clean out of joint. SuperCoder Posted 2 Year(s) ago. Thanks for your question. For second MTPJ with cheilectomy, use CPT code 28899. The CPT code 28289 that we have in CPT manual is only for first MTP .

August 2002 Bulletin. Bunionectomy codes. Selecting the right ones for a toe/foot procedure is key. By Margie Scalley Vaught, CPC, CCS-P, MCS-P and reviewed by Walter J. Pedowitz, MD. How do you know what CPT codes match the type of procedures being performed on the feet? Which of the eight bunionectomy .

And while the bump of a bunion is typically removed during the surgery, the majority of surgical procedures emphasize more in the way of the realignment of the bones.. Youngswick Procedure Devised by a California podiatrist named Dr. Fred Youngswick, this common modification to the Austin Procedure requires an .