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8 Nov 2017 Colorado Income Tax Table. Description of Checkoff Colorado organizations. This book includes: DR 0104 2017 Colorado Individual Income Tax Form. DR 0104CH Voluntary Contributions Schedule. DR 0900 2017 Individual Income Tax Payment Form. DR 0104AD Subtractions from Income Schedule..

Note: If filing an amended return for a prior tax year, please access the year-specific amended return (104X) on the Prior Year Forms page. When filing an amended To ensure faster processing of your paper return, the amount entered on line 5 must exactly match the amount on the DR 0104AD. If you use this schedule to .

DR 0104 (06/30/17). COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. 2017 Colorado Individual Income Tax Return. Full-Year Enter Federal Taxable Income from your federal income tax form: 1040EZ line 6, 1040A line 27, 1040 Subtractions from the DR 0104AD Schedule, line 18, you must submit the..

Computer Form Specifications for Substitute Form Developers- Income Tax Payment Vouchers · Current Income Tax E-Filers Handbook · Software Developers- Income Tax · Software Developers- Sales Tax XML · Substitute Form Developers .

Tax Return (Form Number). For Tax Period. Beginning. Tax Period Ending. A Copy of a Cashed Refund Check. Refund Amount. For Tax Year. Taxpayer Last Name DR 5714 (06/12/14). COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE. Tax Files Room 136. P.O. Box 17087. Denver, CO 80217-0087. Request For Copy of Tax .

Subtractions are reported on the DR 0104AD which must be submitted with the Colorado 104 form. Use this schedule to report any subtractions from your Federal Taxable Income. These subtractions will change your Colorado Taxable Income from the amount of Federal Taxable Income. See instructions in the income tax .

4 Jan 2017 return. Use the new Subtractions from Income Schedule (DR 0104AD) to report any subtractions from Federal. Taxable Income and Individual Credit Schedule 2016 (Form 104CR) to calculate income tax credits. Be sure to review the income tax booklet and FYI publications for specific details. Also see the .

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CO DR-0104, Individual Income Tax Return, Approved, Ind. CO DR-0104AD, Subtractions from Income Schedule, Approved, Ind. CO DR-0104AMT, Alternative Minimum Tax Computation Schedule, Approved, Ind. CO DR-0104BEP, Nonresident Beneficiary Estimated Tax, Approved, Fid. CO DR-0104CH, Voluntary .