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Stories - NO child hurt, At 6 years old Clayton Moss was terrorized by the same two people who were suppose to protect and care for him--his father,Joseph, and stepmother, Carmen in Indiana. For months, Clayton was locked inside an airless, dark bathroom closet.

Abuse – WARNING: some details are graphic | jorear7088, After interviewing Clayton, Officer Todd had Clayton’s father and stepmother arrested. After the court went in front of an Indiana judge, both Clayton’s father and stepmother pled guilty. The maximum the judge could sentence them to, according to Indiana state law, was 4 1/2 years in prison.

About Clayton, Clayton is a 20 year old Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur whos mission is to help children, teens, and adults be a better person each and every day. Clayton was abused as a child, he was locked in a dark, airless bathroom closet for more than 24 hours at a time.

Six year old breaks out of an abusive home. by Rebecca, Clayton would scream for hours begging to be let out and if the parents heard him screaming they would insert dish soap into the boys mouth letting it seep down his chin causing a rash. Clayton had a step sister who would let him out of the closet and feed him cherios.

The Oprah Show HD – Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up, Clayton Moss and the young woman who was abused by her stepfather, you guys are winners, you’re heroes, and now the world is yours, It’s a shame these two monsters didn’t get longer jail- time.

ClaytonSpeaks.com, Clayton was abused as a child, he was locked in a dark, airless bathroom closet for more than 24 hours at a time. With the help of his step sister and a Kentucky police officer Clayton was able to escape the abuse and finish out the rest of his childhood with parents who loved and raised him to be the young man he is today.

Emani Moss found dead 'after parents starved her and, Eman and Tiffany Moss, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, have been arrested and charged with murder, concealing a body, and child cruelty after police say they had starved to death their daughter, Emani, and then set her body on fire to cover up the crime.

Clayton's Survival Story - Oprah.com, Clayton talks about the abuse he experienced as a 6-year-old boy chained Clayton's Survival Story. 'Your father wants you to tell me exactly what has happened.'

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As What Happened To Clayton Moss Step Sister will become popular. There are several reasons why What Happened To Clayton Moss Step Sister according to a new study, it has been a mystery that many have pondered over the years.

25 May 2015 Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up and tortured by his own family on Brothers Who Sexually Abused Their Younger Sisters Express .

6 Nov 2013 Robin Moss, the grandmother of 10-year-old Emani whose malnourished body was found in an Atlanta trash bin, had fought to win custody of .

29 Dec 2013 Nor is whatever has happened to the evil step-mother, Carmen, who probably had The boy, Clayton Moss, appears to have done a better job of forgiveness The Stepsister could have asked for help in Indiana but went to .

Clayton Moss, Mesa, Arizona. 7.9K likes. Suneha Shakeel Clayton what happened to your step-sister?. Clayton Moss shared Johnathan Gentry's video..

Clayton Moss was a 6 year who was chained up and locked in a closet. Hear his story for wayin love4 months agoI wonder what happened to the step sister?.

Clayton Moss was a 6 year who was chained up and locked in a closet. Hear his story for *So I'm curious to know what happened to the step sister. I would be .

2 Oct 2014 She fell against her sister, who was pregnant an empty room and handed her a sheet of paper to write out what happened. The cord puzzled Arkansas state trooper Clayton Moss, who was standing in the master bedroom mother should “step up” and at the very least call the police or paramedics..

Below is a list of Delta Sigma Theta members Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (ΔΣΘ) Jennifer Moss, Delta Beta, Daybreak Anchor at Wood TV-8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.. Constance Clayton, Epsilon Phi, First African American woman superintendent Step It Up. Archived from the original on 2011-07-25..

16 May 2018 He was preceded in death by one son, Henry C. Sauer III; one sister, Rebecca Moss; one step-son, Jerry Simons; and one sister, Mary Ann Hoffman. Bell and Clayton Bell; one sister, Mandy Duskey; and several aunts, .

sons, John Clayton and Lanny Ross WHITE Deceased siblings: 1 step-sister. children: Deceased siblings: Marie MOSS Interment: Pipe Creek Cemetery, .

Adam Noah Levine (born March 18, 1979) is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead He has a brother Michael, two half-siblings—Sam and Liza Levine—and step-sister Julia Bartolf Milne. Just try to make it happen right out of the gate and it just doesn't work". Jump up ^ Moss, Corey (December 19, 2005)..

Eddie Vedder is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter best known. Vedder's issue with fame came from what he stated as "what happens when a lot of these people start.. of a theater for the school in the name of his former drama teacher, Clayton E. Liggett Jump up ^ Moss, Corey..

GIBSON, Etna Green; three step-sisters, Edith HANEY, Packerton; Ethel Clayton NICHOLS, Eaton; nine grandchildren; a great-grandson; two Lloyd and Dolly BROCKEY, Moss Point, Miss; ten grandchidlren and eleven great- At this point anything else is pure speculation as to where it happened,” Brown said..